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Posted on 10-12-2016

Flea and Tick Treatment with Our Overland Park Veterinarian

Fleas and ticks not only cause pets discomfort, but they can also pose serious health risks for your family pets. Until there have been a few hard winter freezes, fleas and ticks can threaten pets well into the fall and winter. Our Overland Park veterinarian recommends treating pets during flea and tick season with preventative medications to keep them from falling ill.

pet scratching fleas in overland park

Preventing Fleas and Ticks

The most effective method of parasite prevention is using a high quality preventative medication. These preventative medications are available in several brands and forms like collars, oral medications, and topical drops. Depending on your pet's specific environment, activities, and health, our veterinarian can help you decide which brands and forms of preventative medication will be the right choice for your family pets. 

In addition to preventative medications, it also does not hurt to keep your pet away from high risk areas. Pets pick up fleas by interacting with infested animals and by resting on infested surfaces. Ticks find their way into pets' fur in the outdoors in places where there is debris and/or tall grass. Keeping pets away from wild or stray animals, maintaining your yard, and keeping pets from running through brush will also reduce their chances of getting fleas and ticks. 

Treating Fleas and Ticks

If your pet contracts fleas or ticks, he or she will scratch a particular area and shake his or her head excessively. Pets might develop a rash or a hard lump from a tick. If your pet gets fleas or a tick, our veterinarian will recommend a flea treatment product and check your pet for signs of tick-born disease.

Preventative Care with Our Overland Park Vet

At Nall Hills Animal Hospital, we believe preventative care is the best care. Keeping pets healthy with nutrition, exercise, vaccinations, and parasite prevention will ensure pets live happy, healthy lives. Contact our Overland Park vet today at (913) 808-3181 to schedule a wellness appointment for your cat, dog, or pocket pet.

What do you do to keep your family pets healthy?

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