Emergency Pet Care

When your pet suffers a medical emergency, our team at Nall Hills Animal Hospital remains ready to lend a hand. We are well-versed in diagnosing and treating acute illnesses and injuries that pets of all kinds may experience throughout their long lives. Our team expertly assesses the acute condition and identifies the best treatment plan for each pet emergency situation in Overland Park, KS.

We Treat Medical Emergencies Affecting Cats and Dogs

Our team can treat most emergency illnesses and injuries that affect your pet based on availability. Our small, privately-owned practice stays very busy, so we recommend calling us before coming in so we can fully assess your situation. We do our best to accommodate current patients of our doctor team for treatment of a wide range of conditions, from bone fractures to bloat. If you suspect your pet is suffering from an acute illness or injury, you can seek treatment at one of the 24/7 clinics listed below.

Assessing the Injury or Illness Severity

Using a physical examination and history from you, we identify the exact diagnostic tests required to confirm your pet’s injury or illness diagnosis. We may use x-rays and other diagnostic scans to quickly and accurately assess the severity of internal injuries. Blood and urine tests along with other pertinent lab work allow us to identify the illness affecting your pet to find the best treatment option for that issue.

Acquiring Care from Nall Hills Animal Hospital

To meet our goal of helping our valued patients rapidly recover from their illness or injuries, we start the treatment process immediately after making a diagnosis. With our support, many pets are able to start heading down the road to recovery right way. Our veterinarians and support team work hard to control all ongoing symptoms to keep our patients comfortable through the treatment process.

Once pets are stabilized and ready to go home, we will educate you on the proper way to administer medications, change bandages and provide all the other care your pet needs to make a full recovery. We always remain available to offer you and your pets additional support through every phase of the healing process.