A well-groomed pet is more than just a pretty face; proper grooming is important for your pet’s comfort and good health, too. Nall Hills Animal Hospital, your Overland Park veterinarian, offers a grooming service along with our complete care program for pets. Our in-house groomer Teresa is looking forward to meeting your furry friend and making them look and feel amazing!

Why is Grooming Important?

It’s true, when your pet looks good, he or she feels good, and feeling happy is an important ingredient for good health. A good grooming session helps to stimulate blood flow to the skin which in turn makes a healthy coat. When a pet with a longer coat is not groomed often enough, it can become matted and pull on the skin, perhaps even cause irritation or sores. Grooming is also relaxing for most pets.

When You Are the Groomer

It’s important for you to spend time with your pet and grooming sessions are a perfect way to do so. When you prepare for a session, choose a time when you are not harried and your pet is relaxed. If your pet is nervous, be prepared with a pile of treats to show him what fun you’re about to have together.  Before starting is an excellent time to do a thorough “health check” looking for ticks, fleas, injuries, or irritations.

What Tasks and Tools Are Required?

When you think of grooming, one of the first things you think of is bathing for dogs. Dogs need regular baths, but how regularly depends on your pet’s coat, skin, and activities. Our veterinarian can certainly give you guidelines for this. Nail clipping is very important, as is keeping the ears, nose, and eyes clear and clean. Tools? For shorter-haired pets, a soft brush, scissors, toenail clippers, and a damp washcloth should be all you need. Unless you are planning to show your pet, or you have a long-haired dog, you may need only a few visits to a professional groomer a few times each year.

Dental Care

Your pet’s teeth are the window to his or her health, and daily brushing is just as important for them as it is for us. We will gladly show you the best way to brush.

Why Use Our Grooming Service in Overland Park, KS?

If you are unfamiliar with pet grooming, and you have a dog with long hair, unless you have had experience grooming, you might want to make things easier for both of you by using a professional groomer.  We have professional grooming equipment, which is better than what you find in stores, and we trim your dog for what looks best on him or her, not a one-size-fits-all cut. We have a wide array of shampoos and conditioners for all coat and skin types and select the one that will soothe your pet’s skin and enhance the coat.  What’s more, your favorite Overland Park veterinarian is right here should your pet need medical care for any reason. Contact us at 913-383-2922 to learn more today!

Grooming FAQs

What is the Importance of Pet Grooming?

Pet grooming can help your pet maintain a healthy coat and avoid mats and knots in the fur. This is important for your pet’s comfort and appearance. In addition, grooming your pet regularly can cut back on shedding and pet dander in your household. During pet grooming, the groomer will inspect your pet for evidence of problems like ticks and fleas, which will help keep your pet healthy.

What does the Pet Groomer do?

Groomers will trim your pet’s fur, remove mats, brush the coat, shampoo the coat and cut your pet’s claws.

If the Pet's Coat is Matted, will it be Shaved Off?

If your pet’s coat is matted, the groomer will first attempt to detangle the coat with special shampoos and gentle brushing. However, brushing out matted hair can be painful for your pet. If the mats cannot be brushed out, your pet’s groomer will need to shave your pet’s hair. Doing this during the summer can help keep your pet comfortable when the weather is hot, so some pet owners even prefer to have their pet’s coat shaved.

How often should Your Pet be Groomed?

Different types of pets need to be groomed on different schedules. Pets with long hair and pets who don’t shed much may need to be groomed every 4-6 weeks, to prevent mats from building up in their coat. Pets who shed more can go forlongr stretches of time between groomings, provided that their coats are being brushed regularly at home.

Just remember that grooming is good for your pet. If you wait longer between grooming appointments, you may want to wash your pet at home to help keep your pet clean and healthy.

How long does Grooming take?

Some small grooming tasks, like nail trimming, will take only a matter of minutes. However, full-scale grooming services may take as long as three or four hours, depending on the size of your pet, the length of your pet’s coat and how long it’s been since your pet was last groomed. To find out more, talk to the groomer in advance of your appointment.

Do Young Pets like Puppies and Kittens need to be Groomed?

It’s a good idea to start taking your pet to the groomer at an early age, because this helps your pet adapt to the process. You can take your puppy or kitten to be groomed as early as 8 weeks of age.

Do Young Pets like Puppies and Kittens need to be Groomed?

It’s a good idea to start taking your pet to the groomer at an early age, because this helps your pet adapt to the process. You can take your puppy or kitten to be groomed as early as 8 weeks of age.

Where can you go for Pet Grooming Services in Overland Park?

Contact your pet’s vet at Nall Hills Animal Hospital today at 913-341-8836.