Pet Dermatology

When a pet has a dermatology problem, they usually suffer from itchiness and discomfort as a result of the skin ailment. If your pet is currently sporting a rash on his or her skin or appears to have a skin irritation, contact Nall Hills Animal Hospital in Overland Park, we have the solution to treating your pet’s dermatology problem. Here are some frequently asked questions about skin problems in pets to read over so you can recognize the symptoms and learn how to treat them effectively.

What Are The Signs Of A Skin Problem?

Many pets who are suffering from a dermatology difficulty will have visible lesions, bumps, or cuts on their skin. A rash may be red or pink, or it may have the same coloration of the pet’s skin. Open wounds require immediate assistance, so infection does not settle into the body. Some pets will scratch or bite at their coat to try to stop pain or itchiness from occurring. A pet that is missing portions of his or her fur may also have a skin problem.

How Can A Pet Be Protected From Skin Ailments?

It is important to bring your pet to see our Overland Park vets regularly so that your pet’s fur and skin are checked for problems. This way, immediate treatment is obtainable and the problem does not escalate in intensity. If your pet has a skin problem, avoid using any topical ointments, creams, or shampoos until our vets can evaluate the situation. It is also wise to avoid bathing your pet until it can be treated as this can cause dryness on the skin. Make sure to conduct checks of your pet’s skin frequently to see if it has any telltale signs of a problem that needs addressing. This includes rashes or the presence of fleas or ticks.

What Can Our Vets Do To Help A Pet With A Skin Issue?

Our veterinarians will ask you questions about your pet’s routine habits to determine whether it is having an allergic reaction that is causing the skin problems. Your pet may be allergic to a certain food, grooming product, or a plant that he or she came into contact with around the home. If your pet has fleas, the parasites need to be eliminated before the skin can heal. This requires medication in many cases. Our veterinarians will make recommendations regarding lifestyle changes if your pet suffers often from dermatology problems.