Pet Digital Radiography

When your pet’s health is at stake, you want a veterinarian who has the most advanced digital radiography in Overland Park. In addition to the most up-to-date digital equipment in the area, we also send every radiograph to a board-certified radiologist for interpretation and get results the same day. Read on to learn more about how an expert practice of radiography in Overland Park can be of benefit and possibly even save your pet’s life.

What is Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography is a technology that allows the vet in your Overland Park animal hospital to take x-ray images of your pet without using film, a darkroom or chemicals. The veterinarian can easily share the digitized images with colleagues, specialists and you by email as well as save them on a computer.

Advantages of Digital Radiography from your Overland Park Vet

  • No More Chemicals – One of the most important advantages of digital radiology is that the hazard of dangerous photo processing chemicals is eliminated. Plus, the whole photo process was messy and took considerable time.
  • Quicker Results – Another advantage of our digital radiography in Overland Park service is that images can be viewed instantly, showing up in seconds on the computer screen, thus cutting down on the time it takes to get results. Previously, it took time to run conventional x-ray film through a processor and then be evaluated by a veterinarian in Overland Park. Speed is of critical importance when your pet is in an emergency or life-threatening situation.
  • Better Image Quality – In addition, the quality of the images is superior so we can make better diagnoses. Also, if we need to get a closer look at something, we can readily enlarge the image to see if a bone is indeed broken or get a better look at something in the soft tissue.

Uses of Digital Radiography

Our uses of pet radiography Overland Park are comparable to our former uses of a conventional x-ray. We can see problems with your pet’s soft tissues, specifically the heart, lungs, stomach, urinary tract and reproductive system. In addition, it helps us locate tumors, bladder stones, and any foreign objects your pet may have swallowed.

A Non-Invasive Procedure

Many pet owners wonder if digital radiography is a surgical procedure and the answer to that is an unequivocal no. Does it require anesthesia? If your pet is generally quiet and calm, no sedation will be required, but for more active or nervous pets, some sedation or even anesthesia may be necessary.

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