Ear Infections

Symptoms of Pet Ear Infections

Dogs may show signs of ear discomfort by shaking their heads, scratching at their ears, rubbing the side of their heads on carpeting, or reluctant to have their ears touched. Redness and swelling may be evident in the ears. A discharge or odor may come from the ears. Cats may engage in head shaking, tilting the head, or may paw at the affected ear. There may be a brownish or yellowish discharge and odor from the ear. Cats may have difficulty with balance or may not be able to hear your voice.

Causes of Pet Ear Infections

An overgrowth of bacteria or yeast (fungus) can result in an infection and telltale symptoms. In some cases, frequent ear infections are a sign of an allergy that causing inflammation in the ear canal. Ear mites can also be a problem that causes infection and discomfort. Sometimes, a small injury to the ear can become infected. Foreign bodies stuck in the ear can even trigger an infection. Pets with diabetes or immune system disorders may be prone to ear infections. Improper cleaning of the ears can also lead to a troublesome infection.

Treatment of Ear Infections

Ear mites or fungal infections can be treated with topical medications that the owner must administer for a period of time. If the infection is bacterial, antibiotic ear drops or ointment may be prescribed for a number of days until the infection is under control. An antibiotic injection or pills may be needed to clear up severe infections. If an allergy is suspected, your vet will investigate the source of the problem and treat the allergy, so you can avoid exposure to the allergen that causes ear infection problems.

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